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Commitment ceremonies

A ceremony to express and confirm love and faithfulness between two people who cannot or do not wish to legally marry. Popular among same sex couples, a commitment ceremony is very similar to a wedding ceremony, however is not legally binding and there are no limits in the way you choose to declare your love to each other.

Elopement ceremony

An elopement ceremony is conducted with few or no guests in attendance. Couples choose elopement ceremonies if they desire to share the moment of their vows only with each other or if they wish to enjoy a stress-free and romantic private ceremony before their public wedding.

Baby naming ceremonies

Welcoming and honouring your child. The Naming Ceremony is an occasion for the expression of love and is a non-religious celebration of the arrival of a new child. It is a way of welcoming the child and officially introducing him/her to friends and family.

I can create ceremonies from "new borns" to "older children".